Motions from North West Momentum for 3 December National Committee

Motion from North West Momentum for the Momentum National Committee on 3 December

We believe that

  • Momentum is a campaigning political movement which represents a spectrum of views among people who want to see progressive change in the Labour Party. It should be inclusive and respectful of differences. It must not seek to become a quasi political party with a fully worked out political programme.
  • However Momentum needs to be able to act quickly and effectively on issues as they come up, with a strong, clear national voice. This requires an element of central leadership and direction.
  • An effective national leadership can also promote activism though initiating campaigns, making resources quickly available, and sharing examples of successful local campaigns.
  • As an organisation whose goals include democratising the Labour Party, Momentum has to be member led, has to allow local groups a high degree of autonomy, and has to be genuinely responsive to members’ views.

It is therefore resolved that

  • There shall be an annual delegate conference which shall be the sovereign body of Momentum, which will decide to put key issues to a vote of all members.
  • Momentum will retain a regional structure. Each recognised region will be free to organise and structure itself as it sees fit, subject to conference decisions.
  • Conference will elect a National Committee (NC) with a minimum of 50 members, with gender balance and representation from each region.
  • Conference will also elect national officers as required, including Secretary, Chair and Treasurer. All elected officers will be on the NC.
  • The NC will determine how conference should operate, subject to any prior conference decisions. In particular the NC will consider whether further rules are needed to ensure that all internal elections achieve outcomes that are both inclusive and gender balanced. Conference will hear resolutions received from local groups which have at least 20 registered members.
  • Examples of appropriate subjects for resolutions may include the aims and constitution of Momentum, the way in which Momentum is organised, campaigning methods and priorities, and questions of strategy and tactics relating to our involvement in the Labour Party.
  • The NC will meet at least quarterly, and will confer regularly in between meetings through secure electronic channels.
  • The NC’s functions will include email communications with members and supporters; national website and social media; any official Momentum publications; oversight of any official online forums or chatrooms that it’s agreed to establish; producing resources eg posters, leaflets, newsletters, t-shirts, badges and stickers. The NC may delegate any of these functions to volunteers from within Momentum or to paid staff.
  • Other functions which may not be possible to delegate will include establishing a political line on the events of the day, press and publicity, membership and finance, responding to issues raised by local groups, disciplinary matters.
  • The NC should aspire to be a springboard for activism : a group that generates ideas, initiates campaigns, and ensures that these are properly followed through. It should actively seek ways of enabling the sharing of ideas and positive campaigning experiences across the different Regions.


Motion to Momentum National Committee from the Momentum North West regional meeting

This Momentum National Committee expresses its solidarity with:

Party members in suspended Labour Parties including Wallasey;

Party members where their democratic operation is under attack, such as Liverpool Riverside whose AGM is being delayed;

Brighton and Hove DLP whose elections have been annulled, and

Members who have been unjustly suspended and expelled across the country.

The National Committee agrees to:

  • Support activists in Wallasey CLP, Liverpool Riverside CLP and Brighton and Hove DLP in quickly re-establishing their Parties under the democratic control of their members;
  • Investigate which other CLPs and Party Branches are suspended and why, trying to make contact with activists and offer help and support;
  • Issue a national email to the Momentum database with a model motion urging supporters to put it to Party Branches, CLPs and affiliated Unions, to raise this issue across the country.
  • Work with Labour Party units and Trade Unions to convene a meeting of activists to consider what further practical steps can be taken at all levels in the Party and the unions to get suspended CLPs functioning again, establish fair and proper procedures for considering complaints, and ensure that individual members are fairly treated. The meeting should be a working event, involving Momentum Steering Committee members, left wing NEC members, activists from suspended Parties, and people from the various groups which are campaigning on these issues. It should aim to draw up an agreed plan of action to assist suspended Parties and unjustly expelled or suspended members.


Motion to Momentum National Committee from the Momentum North West regional meeting

Momentum needs clearer channels of communication at all levels so that we can be informed in proper time in order to be able to send delegations and motions.


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