Motion from London to 3 December National Committee re National Conference

The following motion was passed by 24 votes to 1, with 3 abstentions at the meeting of the London Momentum Regional Committee on Saturday 19th November.

“The Momentum London Regional Committee agrees to send the following motion to the National Committee.

The Momentum National Committee agrees that:

1. Momentum’s national conference in February 2017 should be a delegate-based conference with decision-making by delegates voting at the conference.

2. The delegates will be from local branches and affiliated groups.

a. Each local group may send 2 delegates per 50 members or part         thereof, up to a maximum of 10, at least 50% of these to be women and these to be elected at a meeting where appropriate.

b. Momentum Youth & Students and liberation groups may send a number of delegates to be agreed by the National Committee in consultation with these groups, subject to the verification of structures and election processes by the National Committee.

c. Each affiliated unions may send 5 delegates if their membership is less than 250,000, and 10 otherwise.

d. The outgoing National Committee may attend as ex officio non-voting delegates.

3. The conference invite and accept motions, amendments and nominations not only from the current national committee and regional committees, but also from recognised Momentum branches. Motions are to be geared towards broad policy discussion.

a. Each local group may send 1 motion.

b. Momentum Youth & Students and liberation groups may send 1 motion each.

c. Each affiliated unions may send 1 motion.

d. The National Committee may send 1 motion or constitutional amendment.

e. Each Regional Committee may send 1 motion or constitutional amendment.

4. Motions to be submitted 3 weeks before conference (i.e. from 5 Dec to X Jan / Feb).

5. All motions to be shared on X date online and groups encouraged to composite motions (motions composited by more groups will move higher up the agenda as incentive to composite). Amendments to be circulated before the conference.

6. An open e-forum for all members should be set up, where motions can be discussed, amendments can be mooted and compositing processes can be arranged.

7. There should be an online priorities ballot.

8. The conference to be open to observers to attend as much as is practically possible.

9. The outgoing National Steering Committee to ensure that it has provided full reports for consideration and acceptance by the conference.”

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