Motion on the anti-Semitism witch-hunt and Jackie Walker

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The following motion was passed by 16 votes to 0, with 14 abstentions at the meeting of the London Momentum Regional Committee on Saturday 19th November.

“Motion on the anti-Semitism witch-hunt and Jackie Walker for London Momentum

London Momentum condemns the anti-Semitism witch-hunt against the Labour Party left.

London Momentum opposes all forms of racism including anti-semitism. We believe that combating oppressive and discriminatory behaviour in society and in the labour movement is integral to socialist activity. However, the report of the Chakrabarti inquiry found the allegations of widespread anti-Semitism in the Labour Party to be unfounded and criticised the way in which the investigations and suspensions by the Labour Party disputes panel violated the principles of natural justice. Nevertheless, both the witch-hunt and the suspensions of Labour Party members have continued.

Unjustified attempts are now being made to undermine the credibility of the Chakrabarti report.

The attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left by a united front of the mainstream media, the Conservatives, and the Labour right demonstrate the high stakes involved. The anti-Semitism witch-hunt is part of a wider assault and purge designed to discredit, isolate and destabilise the Labour leadership, as well as closing down the space for debate about the politics of the Middle East by equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

London Momentum calls for:

* all suspensions by the Labour Party disputes panel (or any other unaccountable body) to be lifted immediately and all expulsions to be speedily reviewed with the intention of reinstating those subjected to the politically-motivated purge;

* the establishment of an open and democratic Labour Party disciplinary process that should be under the control of the elected bodies of the Labour Party;

* Momentum nationally to fight back against the witch-hunt and campaign for the rights of Palestinians.

[Motion to be forwarded to the Momentum national committee.]

Submitted by Haringey Momentum”

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