Members Meeting: Sat 26 November

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The open letter issued immediately after this summer’s coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn – in the name of a number of socialists who have since gone on to form the Labour Party Socialist Network – argued that “Labour must immediately go on the offensive to win back voters across the country by vigorously campaigning for an immediate improvement in working-class living standards and democratic rights. This is the only way that Labour can begin the process of winning back large sections of its working class base. Labour must set out its aim of a society in which the obscene gap between the super-rich and the rest of us is ended; where there is no poverty, austerity, exploitation or discrimination. That will require a fundamental change in the way this society is run. It means campaigning on a socialist programme.”

Much has happened since then, not least another surge in Labour Party and Momentum membership, and Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election with a bigger share of the vote than in 2015. These events should be a source of inspiration for us all. However, our statement remains as true now as it did in late June. The problems facing the working class since the Brexit vote have, if anything, increased. And the opponents of socialism – within and outside of our movement – have not gone away. It is vital that the Labour and trade union movement is rearmed with a democratic, anti-austerity, and avowedly socialist alternative to take into working-class communities. The LPSN can play an important role in this process.

Pre-registration is essential (click here to register) and a pooled fare will operate to reduce travel costs. Attendance is free for LPSN members (you can join at , or on the day.) Attendance for non-members £3.

N.B. LPSN meetings are open to members, and those eligible to become members. People belonging to “democratic centralist” groups are not eligible to attend.

Meeting Agenda

  • Building a million-strong Labour Party on a socialist programme (intro from Matt Wrack)
  • A socialist response to Brexit (intro from Nick Wrack)
  • Campaigning priorities
  • Organisation (including election of the steering committee.)


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